Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Below you will find some behind the scenes information and pictures that help demonstrate how the display works. 



The software -

Light O Rama - This program is what allows you to sync the lights to the music.  It shows you the song at the top, in graphical form, and you tell it when to turn a specific channel of lights on.  You can do almost any type of effect with the lights, such as fades, intensity, shimmers, twinkles, etc.

The hardware -

Light-O-Rama's 16 Channel Controller -The controller is what takes the commands from the computer and translates them into signals that tell the lights to turn on, off, fade, etc.  Each controller controls up to 16 channels of lights, and they all are daisy chained together.


The wiring -

A few miles of extension cords are used to power all of the lights.  Some light sets are 100 feet away from their controller. Power outlets were added specifically for the Christmas show.  2 were used in 2007, 8 were used in 2008, and now 32 are used for the show. These all run off a dedicated set of 16 20amp circuit breakers.